With the festive season fast approaching and the weather getting much colder, one of the best gifts that you can give this Christmas is a beautiful piece of quilting. Quilting can be seen by many as a long arduous task, but with a few simple tips, smaller pieces can be achieved in no time. Here at Past Impressions we offer everything that you need to learn how to quilt a beautiful piece with our kits and also design your own patterns with our range of materials. Follow our tips and tricks to learn how to quilt the perfect Christmas present.

Where To Start

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Depending on whether you wish to start with one of our kits or create your own patchwork quilt, you need to make sure that you have the correct tools and material. If you are a complete beginner learning how to quilt, we recommend that you start with a kit as the instructions, material and templates are all included. If you are a bit braver then choose a selection of different fabrics that will form your pattern, source thread, batting, backing material and a good pair of fabric scissors that will give you a smooth cut.

Planing Your Pattern

Make a template of how you wish your squares of material to appear on your design. This also helps to makes sure that they are even and easier to sew together. Cut them out and stack them into piles assigned to the different rows.
Tip: Make sure that you iron your material to get a nice crisp finish.

The Top Layer

This is much easier done on a sewing machine if you are learning how to quilt for the first time, but if you wish to hand sew then feel free. Start with sewing the individual squares together with a wide enough seam to stop them from coming detached. After you have created your rows, sew them all together to create your first layer.

Putting It All Together

Cut your backing fabric and batting to size leaving room for a seam. These should also be 2-3 inches larger than your top layer. Attach the batting between the top layer and the backing and stick it in place by either pinning it or using basting spray. Sew them all together by starting in the middle of the quilt and working outwards. Sew along the lines where you wish to add definition. The more seams you create the less likely the batting will move around inside the quilt.

The Finishing Touch

Create a border by cutting fabric and over-lapping it around the outside of your quilt. This helps to keep everything in place and also creates a nice finish.

And there you have it, you have learnt the basics of how to quilt helping you create amazing gifts this Christmas.


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