While we pride ourselves on offering you a huge range of cross stitch kits to cater to all tastes, but we know that sometimes it may make choosing your next kit a little bit difficult! To help you out, here are a few things to think about when choosing a new cross stitch kit!

Size: How long would you like your next project to last you? Don’t go for a huge cross stitch kit if you don’t have long to complete it or don’t want to be working on it for months.

Difficulty: Have a good look at the picture of the cross stitch kit. This will show you how often you will have to change colours and thus how difficult the design may be to complete.

Fabric: Bear in mind that choosing a new type of fabric will make any cross stitch kit a bit more of a challenge. This could include black or darker aida or perhaps evenweave.

Practicality: While most cross stitch kits will require an embroidery hoop, larger designs will need larger hoops and possibly even a floor stand. Do you have the equipment to complete a large kit?

Presentation: Do you already know where the finished cross stitch kit will be displayed? The colours and style of that room, as well as the space available, may help you choose a kit.

Price: If you think that a cross stitch kit is truly beautiful and you’ll enjoy working on it, it may be worth paying more for. Otherwise, sleep on it and look back at the kit the next day.

Hopefully these questions will help you narrow down our range of cross stitch kits and will help you find your perfect next project. That said, do you have any rules that you stick to when you choose your next cross stitch kit to work on? I’d love to hear them and I’m sure that they’ll help some other people out, so share them in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Post By Marc