At Past Impressions, we're open to any and all new ways to marvel at the intricacy of embroidery and needlecraft. We've traversed into new fields of vision with 3-D cross stitch kits, gone to new lengths with long stitch patterns, and even had the wonder of sewing make its way onto our sofas in the form of amazingly designed tapestry cushions. But we have a new found favourite amongst the artforms of crafting norms, a wonderful combination of needlework that invites all our senses: tapestry lavender hearts.

Arranged much the same way as a tapestry cushion, these simple ornaments go beyond simply brightening a home with their astonishing designs and tightly woven fabric; they infuse it with the lush scent of lavender. They're a recent addition to the Past Impressions tapestry range; coming from UK manufacturer Cleopatra's Needle. Each one comes with a little sachet of the familiar smelling plant, which can be used to infuse a bit of aroma into your sewing room, entranceway or, should you tuck away in a draw for one night, your freshly laden clothes to keep them smelling lovely.

Tapestry lavender hearts are remarkably easy to make, which gives them particular potency as a gift for any occasion. Each takes just around ten hours to complete, with a process that involves nothing more than the included wools, needle, backing calico, attachable buttons for embellishment, linen ribbon (for hanging up) and the filling, which sadly is not included in the packs we sell.

It can be used as a totally new Christmas tree decoration, to provide a blast of delightful scent to those entering your home, or you can put a few up in the laundry room to mix in the with the aroma of fresh laundry. We hope you fall in love with these delightful tapestry lavender hearts as fast as we did, and if you grab one (or many!) to complete, please share your finished designs with us via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

We guarantee you'll love them - trust us, if Dorothy had made one for the The Tin Man, his part in The Wizard of Oz would be much shorter!

; )

Post By Graham Ashton