For years, latch hooking has been a craft that many of us simply love. The idea of creating a soft rug from a beautiful pattern is wonderful and so rewarding. If you wish to take up this great craft but just don't know where to start, here at Past Impressions we have a huge range of latch hook kits that will help guide you through the process until you have mastered this famous craft.

What Is Latch Hook?

Latch hook is the process of hooking and tying numerous strings of yarn around a canvas following a template using a latching tool. This process is most commonly known for its use in creating rugs, but other designs and wall hangings also make beautiful pieces of art.

Where To Start?

latch hook kit

There are a numerous amount of latch hook kits that are available on the market, all varying in different levels of skill. If you are a complete beginner, then it is best to start with a simple design and also choose a kit that offers quality instructions. A simple template like our Beatrix Potter collection is perfect as it offers a strong outline that can be easily followed. Lay out your template and if necessary, practice your method on a piece of spare canvas if you have it to hand. Once you are happy, then start creating your amazing rug.

Latch Hook Kits

Here is our complete range of latch hook kits that also make the perfect present. A great range of unique rugs that you can enjoy everyday.

Country Companions Rug Kit

latch hook kit

Shaun The Sheep Latch Hook Rug Kit

latch hook kit

Popcorn Bear with Heart Latch Hook Rug Kit

Latch hook kit

Garlandia Latch Hook Rug Kit

Latch hook kit

Peter Rabbit Latch Hook Rug Kit

latch hook kit

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