On this blog, I’ve spoken about how to frame a finished cross stitch kit, but I recently came across a much more interesting way to go about this. After all, you should be using an embroidery hoop to work on your cross stitch kit, so why not use the hoop to display the finished project?

  • Once your design is finished, wash it, as detailed in our previous blog.
  • Mount the design in the hoop, stretching it as you go. Make sure that the top of the design is aligned with the screw of the hoop.
  • Once the hoop is tight and the fabric is taut, cut the excess fabric from the back of the hoop but leave a border of about 2.5cm/1 inch.
  • Using a needle and regular sewing thread, use a running stretch to sew along the border. Then, pull the stitch tight to cinch up the fabric, creating a ruffle. When all the fabric is gathered up, finish the ends of the thread neatly and evenly space the gathers.
  • Create a cover for the back of the hoop from some white felt. Simply draw around the hoop onto the felt, and then cut slightly inside the line so the circle of felt is smaller. Next, hand-sew this felt onto the gathers of the aida.
  • Finally, choose a ribbon that co-ordinates with your design and tie it to the top of the hoop’s screw as a hanging loop.
I think that this is a really delightful and simple way to display cross stitch kits. It works exceptionally well with simpler designs, such as those from our Tatty Ted range.

As always, I’d love to know what you think of this way to hang your cross stitch kits, or if you have a special technique or idea of your own. Don’t forget that we also love to see pictures of your finished projects, so be sure to send them and any comments to us by leaving a comment below or chatting to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Post By Marc