Judging from the amount of posts on Facebook recently, I think it’s safe to say that wedding season is now well and truly in full swing! To celebrate, and to maybe give you some ideas for that perfect gift, I thought I’d have a look at a selection of our gorgeous cross stitch wedding samplers.

Samplers date back as far as the 15th century. When women saw a new needlework pattern that they liked, they would saw a small part of it onto a piece of cloth, which was known as their “sampler”. Over the years this piece of cloth would end up with random patterns all over it, as well as lettering and other shapes. Samplers changed over time and by the 18th century they were stitched more as a way to prove skill with a needle.

Nowadays, samplers are usually stitched to celebrate the birth of a new baby or, as we’re looking at today, as a gift for the happy couple on their wedding day. These can all be personalised with names and dates and designs can be roughly split into three types: traditional, modern or cute. I’m going to show you my favourite cross stitch kits of each type.


Like their name suggests, you can’t get more traditional than a cross stitch kit from the Little Dove Designs. I simply love their designs. Simple yet beautiful, because the design is so traditional it ensures that it is timeless. Also, due to the traditional nature of the sampler, it is fairly simple to stitch. If you really want to get the newlyweds a personal gift, but have never stitched before, this would be a perfect choice.


If, on the other hand, you’re a more experienced stitcher, our modern cross stitch wedding samplers offer more of a challenge. I think that the Bouquet Wedding Sampler Kit is stunning. The sepia tones brig a real touch of class to the design and make the colours of the bouquet really stand out. I think it’s perfect for any young, stylish couple and that they would be more than happy to hang it on the wall of their miminalist, modern flat.


Weddings are a time of celebration and of fun and I know that for some couples, they would love a sampler that will reflect that. Margaret Sherry's cross stitch kits are a firm favourite here at Past Impressions, and her adorable designs bring a fun touch to wedding samplers. This particular design features two mice heading off into the distance in their wedding car. Also, while it may be a little bit more complex to stitch than the traditional sampler, it’s suitable for a stitcher with a little more experience.

If you’ve got a wedding coming up soon and you’re struggling to think of a thoughtful, personal gift, why not try a cross stitch wedding sampler? Or, if you have done so in the past and the couple were thrilled with it, let us know! Tell us your story or send us a picture by commenting below or joining us over on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Post By Marc