Beautiful cross stitch kits for babies are the perfect gift for the parents of a new-born, commemorating a special event in their life. Many cross stitch kits for a new born baby can be personalised with the name and date of birth, making them something that is truly special and can be cherished forever. We’ve got a large range of cross stitch kits for babies so that you can choose the perfect one for the new arrival.

Whether you’re a parent, family member or friend of the parents, a cross stitch kit is a good way to keep busy before the big day. Preparing something that will help you remember the day forever is something that many people enjoy, and a cross stitch kit piece can be kept forever. We stock a huge number of patterns that you can choose from, suitable for both boys and girls so you can still make one even if you don’t know what’s expected.

As well as the standard baby kits we’ve got some designs featuring well-known characters so you can be sure there is something for everyone. Whether it’s Shaun the Sheep, Forever Friends or Tatty Teddy, there a number of patterns for all skill levels. If you are struggling to find a present but aren’t into cross stitch, we do some simple kits for beginners that still make beautiful gifts.

This gorgeous baby girl birth sampler cross stitch kit is the ideal commemorative piece for a newborn girl that can be treasured for years to come. There is also a boy version of this kit to help welcome a bouncing baby boy into the world!

For a more sentimental piece, this baby hands cross stitch birth sampler kit will delight any new parent. Those sweet little baby hands really emphasise the sweetness of such small, infant hands. This kit can be personalised with the name, weight and date of birth of the baby.

So if you want to present a truly special gift to the parents of a new born, our cross stitch kits for babies are the ideal solution. Not only will they look fabulous on a nursery wall, they are a hand-made gift that the family are sure to appreciate. And as the baby grows older, they can begin to appreciate the effort you have gone to for them and treasure the piece you have made.

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Post By Daniel