In recent years, thanks to celebrity endorsement and the rise in crafty bloggers, cross stitch has grown in popularity, and what used to be disregarded as a hobby for older people has quickly become a fashionable activity for the younger generation to partake in. Huge market places have jumped on the bandwagon such as Etsy and have created their own quirky and 'in' cross stitch patterns with some featuring well known actors such as Ryan Gosling. But with cross stitch patterns aside, the weird & wonderful world of cross stitch doesn't just end at a piece of aida - 2015 saw cross stitch take the world by storm and was incorporated into wall decor, dolls & even tattoos! Here are some super quirky cross stitch ideas that we may just have to try out this year!

Cross Stitch Doctor Who Dolls

Whether you're young or old, Doctor Who has held a place in everyone's heart at some point in their life. If you can't bear the wait between each show then these adorable Doctor Who dolls will help you create some Tardis adventures of your own.

Funny Quotes

It's relatively easy to mock up your own cross stitch pattern, especially when it's only for a few words. Funny quotes that you may have heard from your favourite TV shows, books or actors are timeless pieces that look great stitched onto aida, framed, displayed, or given to a friend! If you're stuck for some inspiration here are some slogans that totally get you!

Cross Stitch Ring

Effortlessly simple, but a ring that tells a thousand stories. This silver embroidery ring is incredibly easy to replicate. All you need is to find a similar ring with the space for the stitches and either design your own, or copy a pattern like this to create your very own cross stitch ring. The perfect accessory for the avid cross stitcher!

Cross Stitch Chair

We love this idea for a cross stitch chair, we can just see it now - draped in our favourite crochet blankets and pillows! My Poppet talks your through the process of doing a cross stitch chair in easy step by step instructions.

Cross Stitch Tattoos

Okay, so it's not technically cross stitch but we were blown away when we saw these cross-stitch effect tattoos. This really is taking your hobby to the next level, these may be the only tattoos that your parents or grandma approve of!

Cross Stitch Wall Art

Like the tattoos, this clever painting idea mimics the effect of cross stitch and is actually incredibly easy to replicate in your home. You can recreate the design used in this example or be as adventurous as you want with colours and designs. You could even try to reflect your favourite cross stitch design that you've ever stitched on the walls of your house!

There's nothing like some quirky cross stitch inspiration to get you motivated for the new year ahead, your possibilities really are endless! Most of these resources will be readily available to you so there's no time like the present to get stuck into these cross stitch projects! Do you have any other quirky cross stitch ideas? Do let us know on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+!

Post By Nicole Sage