It's hard to figure out exactly what makes a successful cross stitch character. Every year countless designers and illustrators try to design the next Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit, seeking that combination of familiarity and adorableness that will win the hearts of children and grown-ups alike. Whilst there is no magic formula to make an icon out of your creation, it's nevertheless quite easy to see just why English illustrator Michael "Mike" Payne and his Me To You Bears have become so endearing since their initial unveiling in 1995, and why Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits have become one of our favourite range of patterns.

Mike Payne originally approached Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd. in 1987 with a sketch of his Tatty Teddy character, originally signing his sketches under the pen name 'Miranda'. Later marketed as the signature character of the Me To You brand, this adorable bear's popularity really took hold when he became an incredibly hug-able plush bear, of which 75 million have been sold since 2000 - that's 25 bears sold every minute! Since then the brand has become immeasurably popular, with national Me To You collector's events and even a set of Tatty Teddy themed bedroom suites at Alton Towers...

In January of this year, DMC released the first of its Tatty Teddy Cross Stitch Kits in their all new Me to You Collection. Part of an exclusive licence with Carete Blanche and its ever growing blue nosed family, Tatty Teddy has been a popular character in crafting for a very long time, and now with these new patterns he's sure to be a firm favourite for embroiders of all levels and ages.

Among these new additions of Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits on Past Impressions, we have a variety of miniature patterns for those looking for something not too hard and not too big. These feature everyone's favourite blue nosed bear doing a variety of our favourite things, including baking, gardening and marvelling at the beauty of a butterfly. These kits are arranged into little packs of four, or (if you simply cannot decide), you can take home all eight with our exclusive money-saving pack.
With these new Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits comes a fantastic choice of designs just in time for Valentine's Day. These include a pair of bears celebrating with a few flutes of champagne (an ideal pattern for Weddings and anniversaries), or enjoying each other's company in the warm embrace of a big heart. Whilst getting your cross stitch done before February 14th would be quite difficult by this point, the kits themselves would make fantastic Valentine's Day gifts for a special embroidering-someone; and continues Tatty Teddy's long-held reputation as one of the most popular (and cutest) choice of romantic gifts.

One of our personal favourites of this new collection of Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits is the aptly named 'Three Little Sailors'; a cute-as-can-be coastal design that, when finished, would be the perfect little ornament in a nautical home.

A delightful gift for friends and family who may be oceans away, this embroidery pattern in particular highlights the endearing appeal of Tatty Teddy; his curious nature, bashful expression and overall plain set of colours (bar that iconic blue nose...) make him look truly alive regardless of the activity.Though he has passed through the hands of several artists, and had many more redesigns, the little details that have turned this little bear into a household name have barely changed within the near-30 years he's been charming us all.

If you have any finished or in-progress Tatty Teddy cross stitch kits, we'd love for your to share them with us at the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+, and especially over at our own thriving cross stitch community.


Post By Graham Ashton