If there’s one aspect of needlecraft that’s universally known/joked about, it has to be the never-ending need for space. With a constant influx of yarn, crafting tools and yet more yarn, it doesn't take long before you’re clearing out yet another room for the sake of your favourite hobby, and trying to figure out how best to keep everything out of yours (and your fellow cohabitants) way. However, it isn't always necessary to reassign a guest bedroom or study so you can expand your sewing area; there are plenty of simple yet highly useful needlecraft storage solutions that let you get the most out of every storable crevice. Whether it’s cross stitch, knitting or tapestry that’s leaving you with little room to spare, we definitely recommend trying out one (if not all) of the following:

Vintage Style Wooden Box

Skeins of cotton thread may not be the biggest items among your sewing collection, but like everything they need to be properly organized for the sake of presentation and purpose. The ultimate needlecraft storage solution ready for this task is the DMC Wooden Collectors Boxes. Available in two varieties, one for 150 skeins and one for 465, each comes with every drawer fully stocked with thread, thus you’re making a saving purely by purchasing it. Aside from that, it’s perfectly handcrafted to suit the vintage sensibility of any sewing room!


Knitting and Craft Bags

The signature item for any dedicated needlecrafter, knitting bags are always helpful regardless of what size or material best suits you. From vinyl shoulder bags to purse-like cotton carriers, these bags not only help you out when travelling, but they are appropriately compartmentalized to help you sort your needlecraft supplies at home. We get as excited unpacking our sewing basket as we would a picnic basket, and with the recently added lovelorn pink project bag and botanicals project bag you’re guaranteed to see a decline in clutter when it comes to your sewing goods.


Repurposed Household Items

So whilst the previous needlecraft storage solutions were all made-for-purpose goods, what can you do if you are on a budget? The best answer is to get creative! Your craft room doesn’t need a full redesign to get all that yarn into place, just a keen eye for good shelving and a few hints on how to make the most of every inch of space. For example, it’s possible to take wall-to-wall box shelves and fill each slot with colour-coded fabric, or (as has been very popular on social media), you can take an old pegboard and make it the centrepiece of a DIY sewing room.


Make the Ultimate Crafting Cupboard

If you want to make your sewing room the ultimate haven for cross stitch kits, knitting or crochet work, then nothing is more welcoming than a fully stocked, expertly arranged crafting cupboard. A subtle art that can be hugely rewarding, behind these closed doors you can hide an array of clever drawers and compartments, or a full work station for you to place a chair in front of and sew the day away. You can get your hands dirty with a bit of carpentry if you want to, or just take a new approach to the way the cupboard is laid out; either way you’ll soon see the benefits a little hideaway sewing area can bring.

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Post By Nicole Sage