With the festive season fast approaching many of us are rushing to finish our special cross stitch designs before they are all wrapped up and placed under the tree for that special someone. But for those that haven't started their special designs yet, here at Past Impressions we have put together a simple guide for creating the perfect cross stitch letters.


When To Use Cross Stitch Lettering

Cross stitch letters look so elegant that they can be used completely on their own. A nursery can be adorned with the cross stitch letters of a child's initials for a personal touch or monograms can stitched onto napkins and other gifts. No matter what gift you have decided to give this Christmas, cross stitch letters are an amazing way to add a little extra touch.

Getting Prepared

As with any project it is essential that you are prepared before you attempt to start. Begin a few practice tries with a piece of scrap fabric paying close attention to your design. This will help you gain confidence and also will allow you to change your design if it doesn't match with your vision.


Getting Straight Letters

When you start on what will be your finished product, make sure that you stick to your pattern and keep a straight line. The easiest way to conquer this is to mark where you will be placing the bottom stitches with a ruler for each letter making sure that they stay perfectly level.

Follow The Pattern

If you have a pattern make sure that you stick to it to get a more refined finish and create the perfect cross stitch letters. This is also more productive if you are creating a design on a deadline.

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Designed by Ruth Caig at Stitchkits.

Different Designs

There are lots of different designs to choose from for cross stitch lettering. From a beginners easy stitch to quite elaborate wording, lots of different patterns can be found all around the internet. The most elaborate designs involve a double cross stitch to show the different variations of thickness in bold lettering. For complete beginners, a simple box lettering always looks great especially on many different children's designs or as initials.

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