We've spoken at length on the Past Impressions blog about how cross stitching, tapestry and all other forms of needlecraft are as good for your soul as any healthy serving of chicken soup. Having looked at how crafting as a whole can improve your health as well as how to create perfect cross stitch letters, we thought we'd show how combining the two, with a showcase of ideal embroidery patterns, can help anyone find daily inspiration in and out of the sewing room.

Embroidery patterns that have heartwarming messages or emotionally uplifting sentiments have been long favourites with our Cross Stitch Community, but only recently have we decided to gather them into one fantastic collection of Sayings Cross Stitch Kits. These designs are wonderful project ideas if you want a new home display that reminds of the imporant things in life, both big and small. Jayne Schofield, a fantastic illustrator who's drawing have appeared in both fairy tale and tween-targeted children's books, has created a wondrous set of sayings cross stitch kits for DMC:

We personally think there is perhaps something more heartfelt about stitching your own ornamental axioms of comfort. Rather than being a throwaway item that's just a product of the times like simple store-bought motivational posters, saying cross stitch kits produce timeless truisms that remain as true tomorrow as they were yesterday.Along with the large, lavish heart of the Live Laugh Love cross stitch kit, the collection includes patterns made with the most lovely of words. These might be a doting adage for a dear friend and fellow bird of a feather, or an everyday reminder for why a family is the heart of every home; either way the brilliant use of nature, colour and cute design will make these finished pieces great sources of daily inspiration wherever they may end up.

There's also some great patterns amongst our sayings cross stitch kits designed for the avid hobbyist or someone who feels most one with their kitchen. The brilliant benefits of baking are known to anyone who knows how to handle a bit of dough, and whether it's you or a dear friend who needs an extra bit of inspiration where the finest sweet treats are made, the Good Things Comes To Those Who Bake Cross Stitch kit gives every dessert diva layer upon layer of delicious looking, sugary delights. Even if the kitchen in question isn't a the dessert hub of the home, we're sure it can use a healthy reminder that every moment of time can be Tea Time.Whether it's a pre-bought pattern or a design of your own creation, we'd love to see some of the cross stitch sayings floating around our reader's homes. You can share all finished pieces or works in progress, should you want to, with the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.Though we've featured the many amazing original cross stitch kits from Little Dove Designs before, we couldn't leave a blog about inspiring embroidery patterns without giving them a little mention. Taking classic mottos and making them into something ultimately more personal, their samplers have become huge favourites for countless cat crazy and dog dappy needlecrafters. Their lettering is bold and exquisitely intricate, whilst the overall style feels very traditional and reminiscent of the best vintage cross stitch.


Post By Graham Ashton