When it comes to Father’s Day, cross stitch kits aren’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind. Nevertheless, few dads can resist the charm of a bit of embroidery made just for them, particularly when the pattern is every bit as heartfelt as they are. If you’ve always been after some father's day cross stitch gift ideas but never found designs that quite fit the theme this important date, then these delightful dad-themed kits will definitely make papa proud.

Father’s Day card kits

Cross stitch cards are always a reliable gift idea. They don’t take too long, are charmingly simple and they’re ideal if you want to add a few more words of your own to the gesture. For father’s day, we have a choice of two card kits from Framecraft. Both the “No.1 Dad” and “Super Dad” feature cute, unique designs, and also work well as birthday cards. You can grab one or the other, or buy both together in a money-saving two pack.

A longterm project for Dad

As any cross-stitcher knows, the more elaborate patterns can take many months (at least) to complete. Even if your pattern won’t be ready by June 18th, your father will still be overjoyed to see which design you’ve chosen to make for him. There are plenty of father-centric cross stitch kits on Past Impressions, but the all-time favourite (according to our crafting customers) is the Building Memories Cross Stitch Kit by Dimensions. This heartfelt, illustrated work captures the classic still life image of a young boy and his grandpa heading down to the lake for a bit of fishing. Naturally, it’s perfect as a pattern for one’s grandfather, but anyone who knows this rich generational joy can appreciate the concept.

Another beloved pattern is the Fathers Cuddle Cross Stitch Kit from Vervaco. The name describes it perfectly; a sepia toned portrait of a new dad looking upon his newborn child for the first time. As you would imagine, this design is a highly popular choice for expectant or new fathers. It’s hard to imagine even those who are least interested in crafting not shedding a tear when gazing upon the finished pattern.

Animals and Humour

As beautiful as the last two father's day cross stitch gift ideas are, perhaps they’re a little too sentimental for your old man. For any dad who’s considered quite the cheeky monkey, we’d recommend On Dad's Shoulder Cross Stitch Kit from DMC. This pattern from their Safari Animals collection is certainly on the saccharin side, but the expression on the orangutan’s faces adds a comedic element we feel is unique to this pattern.

For full on comic value, you can’t get much funnier than the Man Cave Cross Stitch Kit. In the same vein as Heritage Craft’s popular cat series, this illustrated pattern gets every detail of a man’s dream DIY haven just right, from the gardening tools to the stove and kettle. A heartfelt yet humorous cross stitch kit that any real man will cherish.

Whatever you choose for your Dad this year, we hope everyone have a lovely Father's Day! Look out for our future blog posts on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+!



Post By Nicole Sage