It won't be long until we're stitching our festive kits again in time for Christmas, but for now we're stitching full speed ahead to get our Easter kits ready. Easter kits are great fun to stitch, and for children they are a great introduction to the world of cross stitch. Whether you want to stitch a traditional and religious kit, or a cute Easter bunny, these kits are great to give as gifts once finished, or mounted onto cards for a really personal touch. Here at Past Impressions we have a great range of beginner and advanced kits that include a selection of fantastic Easter designs!

Starter Easter Kits For Children

Chocolate Easter eggs will always be a big part of Easter for children and if they partake in an Easter egg hunt, why not throw in this beginner bunny and green egg Easter cross stitch kit too.  This suitably sweet design features a beaming bunny that's also got his hands on a remarkably large Easter egg! You could also stitch it yourself and give it to your child mounted onto a card.

image (80)


Easter is a time where newborn animals are plentiful, with lots of fluffy chicks and lambs! This trio of ducklings cross stitch kit signifies everything adorable about this holiday, with flowers in full bloom, eggs, and of course the beautiful baby chicks!

image (81)

Helping out with the busy lambing period, they've even roped in other animals on the farm in to help feed the ewes! This cute and funny cross stitch has been superbly depicted, and the design will be loved by both adults and children alike!

image (82)


With all of the chocolate eggs aside, we can't forget that Easter is a religious holiday and which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This pastoral cross stitch kit fantastically signifies the holy period with a snapshot of life during spring and Easter. This cross shaped cross stitch kit is a marvellous kit for any Christian and is equally a beautiful gift for a child, or anyone who appreciates superbly designed embroidery!image (84)

3D Houses

3D cross stitch houses are such a fabulous idea, that make the most exciting projects and gifts. This Easter in the Cotswolds 3D cross stitch kit displays the most beautiful cottage brought to life with spring delights. These kits are remarkably easy to complete, you simply work the stitching onto the fabric, mount it onto the plastic canvas pieces and sew them together. They look great displayed as decorations once finished!

image (85)

We really do have a fab range of Easter and spring delights that are not only a joy to compelete, but to also give as an alternative Easter gift this year. It goes without saying that these kits once finished will last a lot longer than a chocolate easter egg!! Are you stitching any kits for Easter? Do let us know on our Facebook Page,Twitter and over at Google+!

Post By Nicole Sage