image of Labrador Cross Stitch Kit
Labrador Cross Stitch Kit 
 image of Kitten Cross Stitch Kit
Kitten Cross Stitch Kit
Animal cross stitch kits stand next to birth samplers and Christmas themed patterns as the most popular choice of needlecraft designs. Even in the embroidered animal kingdom itself however, no two animals generate quite as much fuss as the loyal canine or yarn's most cleanly enemy. There's so many cats and dogs cross stitch kits on Past Impressions alone, that it can be hard to find ones that stand outside the pack. For this blog, we've gathered a fantastic collection of pups and kitties for your next project; each with something unique and amazing thrown into the design.

To begin, we have to shine a spotlight on the silhouetted masterpieces above, both of which were recently added to our online store. From the artistic eyes and minds at Lanarte, these items retain all the cuteness of our other cats and dogs cross stitch kits, but with a careful use of shadows and close-up that bring out the true character of its furry subjects. Like everything from Lanarte, it's a must have set of patterns for anyone who likes to keep their embroidery work artistically inclined.

 image of Achoo! Cross Stitch Kit image of Puss In Boot Cross Stitch Kit
Pretty much all cats and dogs cross stitch kits fall in two categories: incredibly adorable, or unspeakably funny. Some of the best ideas for needlecraft mesh the best of both of these together, like the two patterns above. With a distinct humour that's just as likely to make you laugh as they are to get a great big 'awww!' out of you, the Achoo! Cross stitch kit from Dimensions shows what happens with a little dalmatian sneezes a bit too hard, whilst the Puss in Boot cross stitch kit by Heritage Crafts is a pretty descriptive title for its snoozing central feline.
 image of Cats & Seasons Cross Stitch Kit image of Great Hunting Dogs Cross Stitch Kit
 image of Hunting Cross Stitch Kit image of Cat & Bee Cross Stitch Starter Kit
We tend to think of cats and dogs as being very 'indoorsy' animals. Goodness knows most of them are, but from kittens exploring the countryside & garden around them to breeds of dogs historically used for hunting, there are lots of cross stitch kits placing man's favourite companions in more natural settings. Great examples include Anchor's fantastic Cats & Seasons Cross Stitch Kit, which blends four feline images through the changing weather, and Dimensions Great Hunting Dogs Cross Stitch Kit, which highlights the gold, black and chocolate shades of the every faithful retriever.
 image of Sew Simple Dog Cross Stitch Kitimage of Toby Cross Stitch Kit image of Cat Beginners Tapestry Kit image of Sew Simple Cat Head Cross Stitch Kit
The last litter of cross stitch kits we'll be looking at are those designed just for the young stitchers amongst us. As we've covered in previous blogs about how to get your child cross stitching, nothing attracts little ones more to needlecraft than their favourite characters and animals. There's plenty of beginner's cross stitch kits featuring cats and dogs to try out, including those with unusual colour schemes, or tapestry kits if they want to explore the equally fun world of needlepoint.

For future highlights on cats and dogs cross stitch kits (and those for just about every other animal!), keep an eye on the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Graham Ashton