As we wander into summer, us cross stitchers are on the look out for something magical and inspiring... So what better way to celebrate the sunshine season than with a lovely fusion of flowers and fantasy?

We've conjured up 8 of our favourite cross stitch combinations that we hope spark a little summer inspired creativity and unlock your supernatural side!

Stardust Cross Stitch Kit

Sprinkle a little stardust around your home with this shimmering fairy that will come to life as soon as she's completed...

Passion Flower Angel Cross Stitch Kit

Looking for something angelic? Then this cross stitch kit will be a match made in heaven!

Modern Floral Cross Stitch Kit

This cross stitch kit is the perfect melding of botanical beauty and modern design that will fit seamlessly into almost any home.

Woodland Enchantress Cross Stitch Kit

Okay, we know it's summer, but when the heatwave strikes, you'll need a snow queen to cool you down...

A Tree In Blossom Cross Stitch Kit

Hold onto the best aspects of the spring season with this eye-catching blossom tree we know you'll fall in love with...

Purple Fairy at Twilight Cross Stitch Kit

Are you a big fan of purple? We certainly are! This Fairy At Twilight design looks like it's been taken straight from a dreamworld.

Summer Delight Butterfly Cross Stitch Kit

This alluring partnership of bluebells and butterflies is a striking summer staple we know you'll love...

Mermaid Cove Cross Stitch Kit

Take a spellbinding swim down to Mermaid Cove with this wonderful cross stitch from Bothy Threads. If you're only just dipping your feet into the realms of the mystical and magical, this silhouette style design is a great place to start.


Post By Ed Mason