Mother’s Day is only three weeks away – falling this year on Sunday, March 26th –  and, as ever, it can be tricky to come up with unique and thoughtful gifts to give her…

So worry no more! Past-Impressions will leave a lasting impression with everyone this Mothering Sunday; so if you want something a little more creative than chocolates or a bunch of flowers, take a look at some of our carefully chosen, handpicked cross stitch gift ideas that will be more than enough to show your love and appreciation.

#1. Butterfly Tree Cross Stitch Card Kit

This beautifully contemporary card blends flowers, butterflies and a wonderfully ornate tree design. At a fantastic price, this is a must-have staple to begin your Mother’s Day gift search in style.

#2. Periwinkle Box 3D Cross Stitch Kit

Our customers love this unique 3D cross stitch kit! Topped off with a delicate embroidered pattern, this is a great homemade gift idea for putting rings and other small pieces of jewellery in.

#3. Mother Cross Stitch Kit

Be bold and effusive with your appreciation this Mother’s Day with this great and easy display kit. This attractive design is carefully finished off with pretty details that will make a wonderful addition to any mother’s home.


#4. Live, Love, Laugh Cross Stitch Kit

For a wonderful visual treat, look no further than this great piece of embroidery featuring bees, butterflies and ornate script that will be sure to put a smile on every mother’s face this year!

#5. Poppy Posy Cross Stitch Kit

Get her something that will be treasured year round! This lovely cross stitch arrangement of brightly coloured wild flowers will make a great centrepiece to any Mother’s Day gift set.

#6. Red Rose Card 3D Cross Stitch Kit

Fancy giving her a different kind of card? This 3D-effect card is elegant, easy to build and will really stand out. If you wish to include your own message, a handy alphabet and chart is provided, but you can also simply write your message inside the card on the space provided.

#7. Blue Clematis Card 3D Cross Stitch Kit

For another great twist on the 3D-effect card, take a look at this buttercup inspired ‘Best Wishes’ stitch kit. With a more intricate and authentically three dimensional appearance, that requires no cutting or gluing, this will surely make her happy.

#8. Rosebud Box 3D Cross Stitch Kit

A luxurious variation of the Periwinkle 3D box, this more ornate design includes a subtle pink lining and a smart silver lattice pattern, finished with an understated rose pattern embroidered on different faces of the box.

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Post By Nicole Sage