Bothy Threads wonderful collection of Lowry's artwork in cross stitch form celebrates the fantastic drawings and paintings of Laurence Stephen Lowry who was an English based artist. Most of his work depicts his hometown Pendlebury, Lancashire where he lived and worked for more than 40 years. This range of kits now allows you to create your very own Lowry masterpieces, they're full of colour and excellent attention to detail so nothing from his original work is missed out. If you're a fan of his artwork, you won't want to be without these 7 fantastic stitches!

Lowry - Street Scene

Starting with one of his renowned paintings, this iconic Street Scene stitch puts the emphasis on his tell tale matchstick people and industrial backdrop. This design is rich in detail and colour, it's a perfect kit for a more advanced stitcher.

Lowry - The Cheese

Set in the busy streets of a cheese shop, this cross stitch kit is set on the quaint streets of a North-East English village. The urban detailing and block colours makes this a sophisticated design that would look perfect on the walls of any room.

Lowry - The Friday Market

A fantastic recreation of The Friday Market by Lowry, this design perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of an old age Friday market. There's plenty going on in the design, with rich detailing and colours.

Lowry - Market Scene, Northern Town

A classic depiction of times gone by, this Market Scene, Northern Town cross stitch kit design by Bothy Threads is a brilliant project for the more advanced stitcher. What we've grown to love and know from Lowry's artwork is the renown matchstick people, industrial setting and block colours. A must have design for collectors of embroidery based onto famous paintings.

Lowry - Coming From The Mill

A classic depiction of 1920's industrial Britain, this booming design is filled with the artists iconic matchstick people and industrial buildings. A perfect kit for someone who is enthusiastic about Lowry's artwork, it would look great framed and displayed in a room.

Lowry - The Arrest

Recreating the famous painting by L.S. Lowry, this well known scene of industrial England features an industrial street with an ongoing arrest happening. It's fun, bold and super colourful. It's a perfect project for the more advanced cross stitcher.

Lowry - The Canal Bridge

A remaking of the classic painting Canal Bridge, this gorgeously wintry scene of the canal bridge allows you to take in the vast, industrial landscape. Filled with bold colours and the iconic matchstick people that is so commonly seen in Lowry's artwork.

Whether you're a fan of times gone by or Lowry's original artwork, these 7 kits are sure to impress, and keep you busy for a while! If you're a fan of stitching and collecting embroidery of famous paintings don't forget to check out our full range of kits! Keep up-to-date with news, new products and future blog posts on our Facebook Page, Twitter and at Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage