Cross stitch is as old-school as a craft can get, and yet it’s probably benefitted more from the internet than any other. Leaving aside the fact that designers have a whole new interconnected marketplace to get their patterns to needlecrafters, it’s now easier than ever to find and build cross stitch communities with whom you can share your works-in-progress. This is particularly the case with these 6 best cross stitch bloggers, who've found their own little niche in the medium and produced work that in many ways completely redefines what people expect in modern embroidery.

Mr. X Stitch

A longtime favourite with us at Past Impressions, Jamie Chalmers a.k.a Mr X Stitch has been hailed as the kingpin of contemporary cross stitch. Completely shattering the stereotype that men aren’t into embroidery, since we last featured his pieces, Mr X Stitch’s website has grown to encompass a full team of writers, with a constant output of material (ranging from radical to risqué) that any social media following will thank you for sharing.

Stitchin' & Life in a Small Town

Something that helped us hugely when choosing the best cross stitch bloggers is that we love the pages that focus on the designer’s life beyond the crafting. This blog by Sandy in Montana is just that; a little diary that not only shares adorable cross stitch samplers and other designs, but also little forays into gardening, home canning and genealogy. A great find for any home loving haberdashery enthusiast.

Justine’s Cross Stitch

Born and still-living it large in North West England, Justine’s cross stitch blog is full of child doting and seasonal designs, many of which have been gifted to her from professional and highly skilled designers from her blogger social circle. If you’re looking for inspiration on a new project, or perhaps are looking for a few new Etsy sellers to bookmark, Justine has got you covered.

Deep Fried Cupcake

If the title of this cross stitch blog wasn't tantalizing enough, the nice, big photographs of the author Andrea’s embroidery work will certainly have you coming back regularly. Apart from producing some fantastic works with a needle and thread, this Texas mom of three also shares plenty of her delicious desserts, and photos of her adorable pugs.

A Kiwi Stitching

Quite confidently our favourite embroiderers from New Zealand, and one of the best cross stitch bloggers overall, Katrina’s regular sharings include plenty of seasonal projects and wonderful haberdashery discoveries, along with a lovingly heartfelt collections of personal goings on and snippets into the family life of this very skilled stitcher.

Epic Stitching

With a name that really says it all, this blog from Alberta based cross stitcher Mel shows off a truly unique selection of pieces in stunning detail. From projects that make use of variegated silk, to a lengthy dragon-themed design that was no less than 7 and ½ years in the making, Epic Stitching lives up to its namesake with a truly dedicated and insightful author.

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Post By Nicole Sage