Summer tends to be the most popular season for weddings, with the hope of glorious sunshine and warmer temperatures, but thanks to the unpredictable UK weather we don't always get what we wish for. But what you can guarantee on someone's special day is giving a truly thoughtful present that the couple will always be able to look back on and admire. There really are endless present ideas or gift vouchers that most people opt for as an easy option, but here at Past Impressions we are passionate about providing people with the opportunity to create something really special to help celebrate the couples big day or milestone that they will always be able to cherish and remember their big day by. Whether you're heading to a wedding, or celebrating a loved ones anniversary we have a wide selection of traditional and modern designs that are not only fun to make but will be kept for a lifetime. Here of 5 of the very best wedding cross stitch kits and samplers that will make any day a very happy one!

#1. Wedding Word Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

One of our favourites, this wedding sampler is a fun way to celebrate a happy couples big day. The design features charming candy colours and is surrounded with sweet details associated with love. It can also be personalised for a really unique and thoughtful touch.



#2. Forever Friends Wedding Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Part of the Forever Friends series, this wedding sampler makes such a beautiful and very personal wedding present. It can be personalised with their names and dates of their big day, something that could be backed onto a card or framed and hung up.



#3. Gold Or Silver Wedding Anniversary Cross Stitch Kit

Anniversary presents can be hard to find and something extra special and unique is preferable for such a big milestone. Gold and Silver wedding anniversaries are a huge milestone to reach and should rightfully be celebrated in style! This traditional cross stitch kit can be personalised and would make a gift that would truly be cherished.



#4. Cut Thru' Wedding Cross Stitch Kit

One for the more advanced cross stitchers, this intricate cross stitch displays an insight into the church during the wedding ceremony which is packed full of colour, antics and love! You can also personalise the bottom of the design accordingly.

cut thru


#5. Tender Moment Wedding Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

This beautiful wedding sampler takes a modern twist on your traditional wedding cross stitch kits and is a very realistic and touching design. The design features a newly-wed couple in an embrace on their wedding day, incredibly charming and touching that can again be personalised.


Cross stitch can be as modern or traditional as you want it to be with the extensive range of kits on offer these days. Cross Stitch is a timeless hobby that can provide breathtaking and unique results which make truly touching gifts. For such a special occasion as a wedding it should be remembered in a unique and traditional way that can be looked back on in years to come with joy and love, and our wedding cross stitch kits can help you to achieve that! You can view our full range of wedding cross stitch kits here. Let us know what you think of these wedding cross stitch kits on the Past Impressions Facebook page, Twitter and Google+!

Post By Nicole Sage