The long heritage of crafting, and all that this rich and fruitful word entails, has long been held by many to be a past time of mainly female occupation.  When many people think of knitting or cross stitch they will be forgiven for envisaging that the person delighting in such a hobby would be a) a woman and b) older.  Times are, however, rapidly changing: crafting in all its forms is being embraced by people across the spectrum of age and gender.

It’s not only wonderful to see multiple generations of women picking up needle and thread, warp and weft – adopting the skills of their ancestors – but that men are also embracing this art form.

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As the years tick on, more and more stereotypes are being crushed under the strive for equality for both sexes, and in 2013 the world of craft will see more men than ever taking part.  We want to shine the spotlight on just a few of the many not-so-fairer sex, and hopefully encourage some more fellas to get crafty.


 Kaffe Fassett

Born in 1937, Fassett hasn’t been afraid to embrace his creative flair in a female dominated hobby. Turning his hand to an array of crafts from an early age, such as knitting, patchwork, needlepoint and painting, Fassett has inspired generations. His love of yarn came from a trip to Scotland where he was so enthralled by the colours of the highlands that he bought some yarn in the same colours, and some needles.  On the train back to London, a fellow passenger taught Fassett how to knit, and before long his first great design appeared on the cover of Vogue Knitting Magazine.

During his long career, Fassett has appeared on, and hosted, numerous television shows, including: Pebble Mill at One (1985) and Glorious Colour (1986); and has written an extensive collection of books, with titles such as Knitting With The Color Guys (2012) and Kaffe Knits Again (2007).

A legend in his own right, we like to think that Fassett began opening the doors for the male crafters of today.


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Jamie Chalmers (aka Mr X Stitch)

In a stark contrast to Fassett, Jamie Chalmers is a contemporary embroiderer and needlecrafter who is dedicated to promoting and showcasing fresh and exciting, like-minded enthusiasts on his blog

Photo: Carly & Art


Feather stitch sampler by Stitchsmith

While Mr X Stitch may be slightly controversial, and not to everyone’s taste, there’s no denying the impact that he has had on the needlecraft world.  Mr Chalmers has curated and taken part in countless textile and art exhibitions, such as the Knitting and Stitching show that’s held in London every year, and curated the wonderful PUSH Stitchery: a collection of fascinating up-and-coming embroidery artists.

Photo: Paul Overton

Ukulele player, blog writer and all-round handy man, Paul Overton is the man behind this brilliant blog.  Pauls’ blog showcases a vibrant mix of art, craft and handmade goodies: from architecturally astute sandcastles and homemade pompoms, to knitting, papercraft and Sashiko!

Pom Pom Bookmarks. Photo: Paul Overton

In his own words, Paul welcomes ‘makers of all stripes … guys who knit, girls who weld’. Dudecraft is a passionate celebration of all crafts, whether traditional or contemporary.


There are so many interesting girls and guys out there on big world wide web that it is impossible to list them all here.  If you've got any favourites that you want to share, please do! Get in touch with us of Facebook and Twitter, join in the conversation with our bustling community on Google+, or browse through our many boards on Pinterest for some inspiration.

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