Cross Stitch Kits may still be creeping out of its image as an aged hobby, but one area where it certainly comes into the modern day is it's approach to technology. For example, Etsy has helped crafters to endlessly create and generate profit, whilst forums and online communities continue to thrive and spur on new people to try out their preferred form of needlecraft. The point of interest for today's Past Impressions blog is add-ons for the mobile and tablet market: both the inside and out!

Of our most recent product additions, we were quite happy to welcome a few new choices of cross stitch kits, as well as tapestry patterns for owners of iPhones, iPads and similar modern day sidekicks:

cross stitch phone covercross stitch ipad covercross stitch tablet covercross stitch iphone cover

There's no shortage of cheap, throwaway covers for phones paved along the highstreet, and we for one are a little tired of seeing drab, black leather covering each and every generation of iPad. Anchor share our frustration, and thus have these new cross stitch kits for making yours (or a friends!) very own cover/holder for iPhones, iPads and various other phones and tablets. The choices include their 'Merry Go Round' tapestry design or a loving tribute to the arcade era among many other trendy textures.

So that's the exterior of your mobile or personal PDA taken care of, but what about the gadgets on the inside of your gadget? We've taken a little mosey around the internet, and put together this little list of 5 cross stitch apps very worth downloading:

#1 Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator for Android & iPhone

Gone are the days of working out - by brain - what size fabric you'll need for your current project. That means the end of all incorrectly guessed guess work, and thus no more ending up short when you start to get to the end of a piece. All one needs to do is enter your stitch count, the fabric thread count, and there's also an optional border feature should that apply. The apps to follow will be a mix of free and paid varieties, but this one comes in both flavours, with the expense-less version having a few ads dotted around.

#2 Floss Checklist for Android

A simple to use checklist with which to help you keep a track on your cross stitch floss as you work through your project. It lets you manage your future shopping crusades with a 'Need' button, and you can also use it to keep track of thread for other embroidery types as well as quilting. With a canvas size calculator now thrown in, this app is very worth the meagre asking price.

#3 A-Stitch Stitch Patterns for Android

This wonder of an app lets you create your very own cross stitch designs right on your mobile. You can literally plan out your own patterns from scratch, starting out with a photo uploaded to or taken on your phone, and you can even share it on Facebook and other Social media when it's complete. We're not sure how well it works in practice, but with threads to reference colours to from brands like JP Coats, DMC and Anchor, it does sound more than functional to us.

#4 Cross Stitch Thread Converter for Android

If you've ever had to stall or give up on a piece of work on account of having the wrong brand and/or colour of floss, then this app may be your saviour. Typing in the brand and colour code will easily convert it from DMC to Anchor, or Madeira etc. Much like a currency converter (and lets be honest, just as valuable!), it can be of help whether you're at home working away, or at the store with your desired branded thread nowhere to be found.

#5 Cross Stitch Guild for Android and iPhone

Our last app in this round-up is admittedly the most expensive, but that higher price does come with a bountiful more features. Many of these tools are exactly like those featured above e.g. stitch count calculator and colour converter, with many unique options such as a comprehensive library of the different types of stitches - with diagrams - and the stitching journal and tips from the Crosss Stitch Guild's founder, Jane Greenoff.

Have you had a go with or regularly use any of these apps? Do you use any kind of homemade cover for your iPhone or tablet? If so, you can send us both via the comment box below, or pass it over to us on Facebook, through Twitter or via Google+! Don't forget to also stop by our Cross Stitch community.

Post By Graham Ashton