Using Cross Stitch To Decorate Christmas Presents

Friday, 19th of December 2014

That special day of the year is nearly upon us and for those that are have finished their Christmas Shopping, now is the time to start getting creative with the wrapping. Receiving a beautifully wrapped present at Christmas time makes your gift all that more

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Past Impressions Christmas Collection

Friday, 12th of December 2014

It's still not too late to get that special someone an amazing Christmas craft gift. Whether you are looking for a small stocking filler or a grand craft for a cross stitch fan you are sure to find the perfect present within our festive range. Here at Past

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5 Of The Best Cross Stitch Christmas Cards

Wednesday, 3rd of December 2014

Now that we have reached December, it is time to start sending out Christmas cards. But instead of selecting plain shop brought cards, this year why not inject a little of your beloved craft into your design by using cross stitch. A craft that is making more

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How To Quilt

Tuesday, 21st of October 2014

With the festive season fast approaching and the weather getting much colder, one of the best gifts that you can give this Christmas is a beautiful piece of quilting. Quilting can be seen by many as a long arduous task, but with a few simple tips, smaller

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Chrismas Cross Stitch Kits Design Inspiration
Thursday, 4th of September 2014

Christmas poses a challenge for those when it comes to cross stitch: the agony of choice made more worrisome by the timely nature of the holiday. Do you put all your crafting efforts into to one awesome Yuletide image, or sew as many cards possible like a

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Christmas Cross Stitch Kits
Wednesday, 23rd of July 2014

The only thing that rolls around faster than the Christmas holidays is the long-winded preparation done ahead of time. For most this can be getting that turkey in the freezer early or sorting out arrangements for visiting relatives, but for crafters, it can

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