The countrsyide offers untapped peace & tranquility that areas of the city just don't. Recreate this serene environment with a stunning scene taken from the countryside in a cross stitch kit. Once finished you can admire it in a frame or attached to a wall. 

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Provence Lavender Landscape Cross Stitch...

Ref: PCE0807 Save £2.80 £15.95
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Dutch Tulips Landscape Cross Stitch Kit

Ref: PCE0806 Save £2.80 £15.95
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Yachts At Oulton Broad Cross Stitch Kit

Ref: BK964 Save £10.00 £16.99
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Alpine Lodge Starter Kit

Ref: AK128 £14.00
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Sunrise At Oby Mill Cross Stitch Kit

Ref: BK963 Save £10.00 £16.99
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Poppy Girl Cross Stitch Kit

Ref: BK1461 Save £6.09 £22.90
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Summer Meadow Cross Stitch Kit

Ref: BK1447 Save £7.00 £21.99